Wanda Simmons, MS, Lac,
Founder, Ahonui Healing Power Adventures – Kauai
Master’s in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Licensed Acupuncturist
Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Distant Healer, Martial Artist
Adventurer of the Heart

Wanda Simmons

As a little girl, I already knew I was meant to live in Hawaii even though I had never been. In my early 20s, I came to Kauai for the first time and as I stepped from the plane, I knew I was home. I left after spending one week exploring as much of the island as possible.

In 2010, always a lifelong lover of this beautiful string of islands in the Pacific, Wanda answered her soul’s desire to create a life for herself in Hawaii and a path to wellness for others. Wanda formed Ahonui Healing- Kauai, with the goal of sharing her extensive knowledge in Chinese Medicine and Martial Arts with those on the path to healing themselves- in the most magical setting she could ever imagine- Kauai.

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Wanda offers office, distant and in-home treatments by appointment. She also offers community acupuncture, healing, sports medicine, qi gong and martial art workshops.
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Mark Goodman
Divine Intuitive Practitioner, Spiritual Life Journey Consultant, Clairvoyant, Energetic Clearing and Balancing

Mark Goodman
Mark’s gifts stem from his intimate relationship with God. Mark has been walking his journey of ever expanding love and growth since his first spiritual experience as a boy. Mark is an accomplished musician and has travelled the world performing. Born and raised in the city of San Francisco, Mark is a devoted family-man. Mark has four beautiful adult children and resides with his wife of 30 years. Mark’s ministry is to support your journey. If you are prepared to do the work, be prepared to be transformed.

Along with his wife, Sharon Goodman, couples are able to take part in a workshop focused on building healthy heart centered relationships as well as conscious conception practices.
Alyse Young
Intuitive Healer of the Body, Mind and Spirit

Alyse is an Inuitive Healer from New Zealand. Alyse has been assisting others through many varied healing philosophies for over ten years now. She has created Inner Child Reparenting, Theta Healing (DNA Programming), Shamanistic Soul Retrieval work, de-possessions, Channeling Past Life, Lost Soul assistance, Pleiadian energy work, goal setting, visualization, Sound Healing Meditation, and Self Empowerment. Alyse is the author of Talk to Me and currently awaits those who are supposed to or, / meant to work with her.
Crystal “Star” Feather
Owner Sacred Solutions, Lemurian Journey Channeller

From childhood, at the time Star experienced a near death experience, she realized her purpose was to be a healer. Star has studied many different healing modalities and enjoys sharing her knowledge with others and co-creates healing sessions with the individual’s spirit. She works with a large group of Masters and Angels, whom she refers to as “Love Collective.” In addition to this group, Star also works with the Inner Earth Rainbow Tribe along with others who all wish to be of service. Star has a great love for our Earth Mother and all creation and enjoys being a facilitator for Lemurian Journeys. If you have ever wondered why you were called to Kauai, a Lemurian journey with Star will help to shed light on your past life and how it relates to the present. In this 3 to 5 hour journey, Star brings you through a crystalline initiation journey to Lemuria where you will experience your sacred ancient heritage, your oneness within yourself, cleansing of old patterns and blockages, recalibration of one’s vibratory rate and a seeding of high vibratory packages (gifts) to be brought back and awakened at the appropriate time, in the present now. Star introduces mantra and meditation techniques and includes a 1 hour long distance healing with written messages.

“A Lemurian Journey is sacred work, a journey to the appropriate lifetimes in Lemuria. When you journey to Kauai, experience Lemuria within yourself. Revisit lifetimes in Lemuria, revisit talents and skills and bring your abilities forward to this time.”
Kaia Shine
Professional Fire Dancer Instructor and Crisis Counselor

Kaia Shine
Kaia is a professional fire dancer and a crisis counselor. She has a degree in Social Work and has co-facilitated several women's workshops focusing on healing and transformation. She supports women on their journey of self-discovery, by offering exercises to gain insight and empowerment through movement and creative expression. Kaia offers a sacred fire ritual to assist in breaking through limiting belief systems, blocks and obstacles, and evoking strengths, truth and power.
Mahealani Scoville
Lomi Lomi Licensed Massage Therapist

Mahealani is trained in Traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage. She practices Hula and studies the medicinal healing properties of plants native to Hawaii. Mahealani goes into a deep meditative state while her hands magically bring the Lomi Lomi experience into the deep depths of one's being, allowing for one to relax, heal and gain deeper connection to their true divine spirit.
Zsolt Csillag
Reflexologist, Herbal Nutritional Consultant

Zsolt Csillag
Zsolt is a firm believer in healing the naturally through the herbs and foods provided to us by mother earth. Zsolt is trained in reflexology and enjoys combining reflexology with herbal consultation. Zsolt obtained his license from the European Healing and Massage Therapy School in Chicago and then went on to study Reflexology and Foot Massage in Bangkok Thailand. He later attended the Global Institute of Alternative Medicine to learn about health and nutrition. Zsolt is very passionate about health and healing, and is exited to help others through his reflexology treatments and nutritional consulting. With so many people entering the field of massage and reflexology these days, there are few that can match Zsolt’s deep desire to connect with, help and heal the person that sits before him. Zsolt brings all his knowledge about health, the human body, diet and nutrition to each session which is rare for a reflexology treatment only.
Wai Sum
Owner of Sacred Heart Tender

Wai Sum

After 35 years of actively seeking for truth and diligent application of what she has learnt, Wai Sum is grateful to be sharing her experience, wisdom and conviction as a soul, on her path of Oneness through Service at this time. Wai Sum practices an wholistic health care alternative that specializes in connecting your physical body with your spirit body to restore your health and wellness. Wai Sum's passion and desire is to inspire and facilitate your awakening to your divinity, and living the love, light, grace and magnificence of your divinity fully integrated in your human form.

Wai Sum offers services through the following channels:

  • Specialty Massage and Energy Healing
  • Expecting Mothers Mentoring Program
  • Sacred Sexuality Mastery Training
  • Divine Mother Sister Circle
  • Healthy Savory Innovative Cookery Practice
  • Honoring our Elders Companion Program
  • Inspirational Body Wear and Daily Accessories
Somer Wilkinson
Licensed Massage Therapist, Lomi Lomi Massage, Rolphing

Somer Wilkinson

Inspired by the importance of touch that can be lacking in modern western medicine, Somer uses intuition and intention to convey love, compassion and peace through her work. She offers Swedish Massage, Shiatsu, Trigger Point Therapy, Hawaiian Lomi, deep tissue therapy and reflexology.

A graduate of Pacific Center for Bodywork and Awareness on the island of Kauai, Somer offers Rolfing which works to bring the body toward vertical alignment, where gravity can help support and nurture the body’s innate structure. Somer loves the work she does as a Massage Therapist and enjoys helping her clients move toward a more balanced physical, mental and spiritual state of being. When not performing healing touch massage, she enjoys surfing, yoga, exploring her home of Kauai and indulging in her fondness for the ocean and coconuts.

Miguel Hanalei Graham
Owner and Operator of Kama’aina Surf and Sport, Professional Surfer / Coach, Radio Show Host on “The Kauai Kine” show for The Surf, 95.9 and TV host for Kauai Nalu TV

Miguel Hanalei Graham
Miguel Graham, aka “Migz”, born and raised on Kauai, relishes offering exclusive custom tours catered to the needs and wants of those who wish to see the beautiful waters of Kauai from an ‘Island Boys’ eyes. With over thirty years of water experience and more than fifteen years as a Professional Surfer, Miguel thrives on being active and sharing his love of his beautiful home.

Miguel has worked with people from all walks of life, including those with affluent standing such as actress, Jennifer Lothrop, actress / singer, Hilary Duff, musician, Robert Trujilo, and Kauai’s very own professional surfer, Bethany Hamilton, as well as many others. In addition to offering custom tours, Miguel has also coached some of the world’s top professional surfers and continues to offer guidance to those looking to ramp up their surfing skills as well as teaching those who are interested in learning the basics of surfing, from a pro-surfer’s perspective. Come witness the Aloha spirit of Kauai firsthand, through the eyes of a Kauai native and experience the parts of Kauai that go unmentioned in guide books.
Danny Hashimoto
Adventure Guide, Photographer, Cacao Mousse Expert

Danny Hashimoto
Danny, a true native to Hawaii, enjoys sharing the pristine treasures and the magical beauty of his home, the Garden Island, Kauai. His insights and expertise into navigating hidden trails, calling in and swimming with the dolphins, taking those to the Sacred Places of the land, capturing every moment and detail along the way with his wonderful eye, and his passion for sharing his love through his tastefully ultimately sensory overloaded cacao mousse desserts puts Danny at the top! Photography is another passion of Danny’s. You will always see Danny with his camera, taking professional shots capturing your spectacular moments. Danny greets all newcomers to Kauai with an open heart and makes you feel at home immediately. When you plan your trip here, Danny will help to make it the most spectacular journey ever!

The Main 15 hikes/adventures that are available: Hanakapi'ai, Lumahai, Okolehao, Princeville Coast, Kauapea, Larsens, Anahola, Makaleha, Wai'ale'ale, Sleeping Giant, Kuilau Ridge and a number of others on the South Shore. And there are a handful of great hikes up in Waimea Canyon and overlooking Kalalau Valley and other valleys as well (some of these trails are NOT on the trail map). The Alaka'i Swamp Hike is very beautiful too...lush! I can give you individual hike descriptions as well (upon request).

Some are "trail" hikes, while others are combination trail and stream (rock-hopping) hikes. These combination hikes (trail and stream - rock hopping) are more challenging and require special "water shoes" to prevent slipping on the river rocks. Others adventures involve kayaking and hiking (to one or more waterfalls, for example). If you happen to be visiting Kauai during summer months, it is possible to join Danny on a snorkeling adventure which often leads to swimming with dolphins, turtles and other aquatic life from shore.
Jim Law
Co-Founder, Voice Entertainment, Owner, KauaiQuest & SedonaQuest Adventures, Author, Documentary Producer, Professional Videographer

Jim Law

Jim’s love for life is evident in his diverse background and expertise in adventure, multimedia and self-discovery. An expert waterman, Jim loves scuba diving, hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding, sailing, snorkeling, surfing, and swimming . Jim is an accomplished cameraman with interests in Documentary production and underwater Videography. Jim’s current focus in global outreach for positive change has driven him to offer more documentary filmmaking that merges science with spirituality. For those interested in having their retreat documented from start to finish, Jim is honored to help cature an individual or group’s journey.

Danny Balough
Adventure Guide

Danny Balough
Danny grew up surfing at an early age and was competing in ESA (Eastern Surfing Association) contests in his early teen years. He was a young lifeguard by the time he was 15 and taught basics of ocean safety, lifesaving, and surfing lessons. By age 20, Danny moved to Costa Rica where he was exposed to heavier beach and rocky point-breaks and surfed daily which led him to begin teaching surf lessons for tourists to afford a good lifestyle and was soon giving lessons through local surf shops as well. Danny's special knack of being able to break down the mechanics and communicate the intricacies of the sport of surfing helped make him a well sought after instructor. While in Costa Rica, Danny started a healthy café providing great nutritious meals at surfer prices. Danny was attuned to Reiki, an ancient Japanese form of energy work, which helped him observe his intuition rise dramatically. In 2009 Danny completed Reiki Master Teacher training in Santa Cruz, CA. After being a lead surf instructor for four years with the first all-women's surf camp, Pura Vida Adventures in which Danny taught surfing for groups of 6-20 people, Danny was urged to write a surf manual to give to each client. The manual has over 500 copies in print. In 2011, Danny moved to the island of Kauai where he continues to improve as a surfer, writer, and teacher. Danny enjoys teaching, writing and healing and feels surfing has taught him that when it's time to step up to the plate and you give it everything you have, the rewards are beyond your wildest dreams.

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Matt Feeser
Adventure Guide, Professional Photographer, Founder and Owner of Romantical Adventures

Matt Feeser
Matt Feeser, a native of Philadelphia, started Romantical Adventures as a culmination of many of the things he's come to love during his travels. A gypsy at heart, Matt spent several years traveling the world, soaking in different cultures, ways of life, and building strong relationships with people from many backgrounds. After moving to Kaua'i from Israel, he fell in love with the Island's raw, untamed nature, and has spent the last few years avidly exploring every nook and cranny he can hike, climb, or swim himself into. A photographer by trade, Matt put his skills to use capturing the unseen beauty of the island he was able to glimpse from his many adventures, and sharing this beauty with others. Hiking and photography are his passions, and starting his own business was the perfect way to make a living doing what he loved while also sharing this beautiful island with couples in love. If you are interested in documenting your heart-awakening journey, Matt is available to assist you with this!

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Amorosa DeGracia
Celebrant, Massage Therapist

Amorosa DeGracia
Amorosa has been officiating weddings on Kauai since 2009. She was ordained by Universal Life Church and is licensed by the State of the Kauai. She is honored to participate in celebrating weddings and sacred partnerships as well vow renewals as it is such a monumental part of people’s lives. Her ceremonies will be custom tailored to the couple’s desires to assist them in having the ceremony of their dreams. In addition to being a wedding celebrant, Amorosa is an experienced, compassionate and gifted massage therapist who has been practicing for over twenty two years. If you are journeying to Kauai for your special wedding ceremony or vow renewal, Amorosa is available to help.
Penny Dinn
Wedding Photographer, Founder of Penny Dinn Photography

Penny Dinn
Penny Dinn, one of Kauai’s most prominent wedding and lifestyle photographers, feels blessed to be able to shoot weddings in such a magical environment.

Born and raised in Southern California, Penny found herself surfing silky waves and living in a tree-house in Kauai, at the age of 19. Eventually, she journeyed back west to study one of her greatest loves: Photography. Graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Commercial Photography, from Brooks’ Institute in Santa Barbara – Penny followed a tenacious calling to New York City. There she found influence and inspiration from the great photographers she assisted. Their teachings prepared her for her own travel projects to South East Asia, Latin America and to Fiji, where she shot Weddings for a remote island resort. Today, as a contributing photographer for numerous companies and magazines, Penny finds herself blissfully based back where her heart has always belonged, Kauai.

If you are looking for a wedding photographer to capture your magical day, with passion and creativity at heart, Penny will be happy to be there for you.
Damon Moss
Wedding and Portrait Photographer, Owner of Damon Moss Photography

Damon Moss
When it comes to photography, Damon is passionate! Talented. Friendly. Experienced. Creative. Internationally published. Damon cares about his clients and their ideas. He easily helps people relax before the camera. Love inspires him, and beauty energizes him, so in his eyes, your Kauai wedding is a fantastic, magical event. You can check out Damon’s photography through his Facebook Page: Damon Moss Photography… And if all that’s not enough, he’s also kind to animals and recycles!
Jaime Kain
Hairdresser and Designer, Make-up Artist

Jaime Kain
Jaime Kain has been a hairdresser for over ten years and specializes in weddings. She is well sought after for her creativity and her Hawaiian, zen- like ways. Her creativity shines through when she is in the midst of doing up-dos and hair color as her artiste mentality is evident in her hair sculptures.

Jaime is known for her ability to allow a bride to feel calm on her wedding day as their trial meeting assists in bringing out all the details so things run smoothly the day of. Jaime is very comfortable working with any type of hair texture or length and has done make-up artistry from natural to glamorous; in a way that matches a person’s personality and color palate. In addition to weddings, Jaime has worked on numerous photo-shoots for models, families, and artists. Jaime is open to working on just about any type of event as she loves meeting new people and learning about their lives.
Kumu Kalena L. Mande
Traditional Lei Weaver, Hawaiian La’au Lapa Au (herbal medicine), Hula Instructor, Hula Dancer, Hawaiian Musician, Hawaiian Language

Kumu Kalena L. Mande
Kumu Kalena began studying hula and Hawaiian herbal medicine, lei making and language as a young child. He learned from his grandparents as well as well-known Kumu’s such as Vern Kauanui of Kauai and Uncle George Na’ope from the Big Island, and John Kiamikaua of Moloka’i. Kumu Kalena has performed traditional Hula Dance for Wedding Ceremonies as well as Luau’s and special events all over the world. Kumu is well sought after for his expertise in traditional lei making, hula dancing and music for traditional ceremonies, including Hawaiian weddings. If you are planning to host your special wedding day, here on the island of Kauai, Kumu Kalena is proud to assist you in creating your traditional Hawaiian Wedding.

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Tom Bisio
L.Ac. in Manhattan, NY, Founder of New York Internal Arts, Co-founder of Zheng Gu Tui Na and Author of several books

***Offering Taoist Meditation Retreat for March 9, 2012 – LIMITED SPACE – BOOK NOW

Tom Bisio began his study of the martial arts and Oriental medicine studying karate at age 14. A Black Belt in Isshin Kempo at 17, he continued his study of the martial arts while completing a BA in East Asian studies at Columbia University. During this period, Tom studied Filipino martial arts: Pekiti-Tirsia Kali under Leo T. Gaje and Old-Style Doce Pares Eskrima under the late Filemon "Momoy" Canete. He competed in full-contact tournaments in New York's Chinatown and tied for first place as Co-Champion in the Senior Instructor Division at the 1st National Arnis Championships in Cebu, Philippines, in 1979.

In 1984 Tom began to study Chinese medicine and Xing Yi Quan, Ba Gua Zhang and Tai Ji Quan with Vince Black. Mr. Black is the founder of the North American Tang Shou Tao Association (NATSTA), a national organization whose goal is to promote and research traditional Chinese martial arts and Chinese medicine. Tom also studied Kajukenbo with Vince Black and had the opportunity to train directly under the art’s founder, Adriano Emperado. As a representative, and later as President of the NATSTA, Tom took numerous trips to China and South East Asia where he studied both medicine and martial arts with many different masters including: Zhang Hua Sen, Wong Shu Tong (Liang Chen Pu Ba Gua Zhang); Gao Ji Wu (Beijing Gao Gamily Ba Gua); Li Gui Chong and Song Zi Yong (Song Shi Rong Xing-Yi); Wong Shu Sheng, Ge Guo Liang, Liu Shu Hang and Li Xue Yi (Gao Yi Sheng Ba Gua Zhang). Tom also studied Xing Yi and Ba Gua with Liao Wan Fu (Tian Jin) and Fu Shu Yen (Taiwan).

Tom has taught martial arts since 1978. During that time he apprenticed with Chinese herbalists and experts in acupuncture, Qi Gong, Chinese massage (tui na) and bonesetting. He went on to become a licensed practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine. Tom has been a guest lecturer at the Tri-State College of Acupuncture and the Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine, as well the graduate program of Oriental Medicine at Touro College. Today Tom heads a busy clinic that specializes in trauma and sports injuries. There he oversees and trains other acupuncturists and a constant stream of students from various acupuncture schools in the Tri-State area who come to observe and assist in the treatments. Tom and his associate Frank Butler are the creators of Zheng Gu Tui Na, a system of orthopedic medicine, which they teach all over the country. See www.tombisio.com for more info.
Anjali Walker
Professional Dancer, YogAlign Instructor

Anjali Walker
Anjali enjoys working with those interested in connecting to their own body’s natural structural alignment through breath, movement and dance. Through her many years of asana yoga practice and her training as a professional dancer, Anjali has been closely connected to the human form since she was a young girl. Her unique style of teaching coupled with her innate ability to connect with her clients allows her to enable students to develop strength and flexibility while simultaneously encouraging them to rediscover their own body’s natural spinal alignment.

Anjali consistently helps her clients to rid their bodies of stored chronic pain by teaching a unique form of breath work as well as the use of proprioception and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation. She incorporates postural movement from dance as well as Hatha, Vinyasa flow. In addition, she utilizes YogAlign concepts which are on the cutting edge of the latest movement in yoga communities around the world. If you are looking to discover an asana flow that works in accordance with your own body’s natural structural alignment, Anjali is ready to help you piece together a flow unique to your own body, breath and movement capabilities.

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